November Message: Our time on Earth is very short


November Message: Our time on Earth is very short
Eph 5:16  "Redeeming the time, because the days are evil". 
Recently my wife and I were at a funeral in the USA. I have only been to a few funerals in my life. I was driven to tears. I suspect that there are those who have been to many funerals who may have become desensitised to what is really a very serious thing.  I afterwards discussed with a Brother in Christ what it would be like to know that you only had one month to live. "How would one treat your spouse ,parents or children if you knew either one would die soon?" was one of the questions we asked each other. To read more about my thoughts on how we should treat others in light of the possibility of death please click on teh readmore bellow 

The Statue of Daniel

Roy Daniel - Have you ever wondered why the British Empire and Genghis Khan Empire  don't seem to be part of the statue of Daniel even though they are bigger numerically and in land size than the empires in that statue. The answer most give is the British Empire is the continuation of the Roman Empire but if it was so big and headed by another nation than Italy why did it not have it's own metal in the statue. I humbly give a possible  answer at my blog which may shed more light and is very exciting.  



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