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Why We Recommend the Following Christian Music Links:


Quiet a few people know that we ( ie Roy and Jerusala Daniel) openly do not support so called Christian Rock Music and other fleshly false life that has made it's way into much of the church. Many have asked us where they could buy good Christian Music that they can trust. We are busy compiling links below to websites with music that can be mostly trusted as non flesh driven and pure. This is not an exhautive list and there are many other sites with good music on it. We also do not always know if a Web Site has changed it's standards over time, but have taken an effort to make sure as far as possible that the following should be good.  




 Majesty Music 

 The Wilds

IBLP Music

Sacred Music Services





In his new book, ‘Forgiveness,’ Brother Roy Daniel very effectively illustrates biblical teaching on the subject of forgiveness by sharing his own personal life experiences. It’s my prayer that God will use this small volume to help believers everywhere, as Brother Daniel states: ‘…to obey God and go one step further than choosing to forgive….choose to “bless our enemies.”’

Dr Wesley L. Duewel, President Emeritus One Mission Society