A few Questions - Roy Daniel


May I ask you a few Questions?


·         Firstly: IFirstly:f good works can get you to heaven , then why did Jesus die?

·         Secondly: If you are good enough to get to heaven because you where Born in A Christian Home and grew up a believer then why does the Bible say that all are born sinners?

·         Thirdly: If you can get to heaven by saying a prayer without much els happening ,then why does the Bible say that the new Birth is a powerful hearts experience?

·         Fourthly: If miracles or emotional experiences prove you know Jesus then why does the Bible say that the anti Christ can do miracles?

·         Fifthly: What is the way to heaven?


Mercy and Grace - Roy Daniel

What two things are most desperately needed by every man/ woman  ?

Answer - Mercy and Grace.  If any think otherwise, it is because they do not know who they are and what they have done .

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