USA Mission Group Trips to South Africa





In August 2012 nine Americans joined up with 4 South African Based Missionary?Evangelists ( Roy Daniel and his Wife/Child Included)


They went on a tour just more than one month ( about 40 hours driving) to about 5 towns and two mission stations. They preached series of meetings in tehe evenings at a mixed church ( Indians, Whites etc) , an Indian Church ( over 700 000 Hindu Indians live in natal South Africa),  a traditional white church and several black churches. They spoke to about 7000 people ( not including street witnessing or preaching)  in churches, many schools, orphanages, a prison, a hospital, two mission stations, a special school for criminal potential kids and also witnessed to many more on the street. The group that came from America were given personal invitations and where chosen because they seemed to truly love God, have a submissive spirit towards athority, have basic good standards in the area of clothes dress and music and also wanted to have opportunity witness and share with people about Jesus. Some were invited because they could play music, but some just wanted to witness and like me ( Roy) were not great musicians. One was invited as an older man to be the main preacher at some of the churches. 


If you love God, are truly saved, would like to share about Jesus as God gives opportunity, maybe play an instrument although that is not a requiset and basically would be willing to submit to authority then you may pray about joining us on a future mission trip. 


Your Basic Costs: 


For a month and a bit you would travel arround Natal etc South Africa. All accomodation travel vehicles and most food would be provided or arranged by us. You would have to buy your own flight tickets to and from South Africa. In South Africa you would need about $100 - $150 depending on the rand dollar exchange rate at the time for the +- once a week  day off when we go to see the wonder of God's creation (lions, monkeys, rhinos, elephants yourself i n mirroretc) as well as about 5 meals the whole trip which we would have to buy while travelling between towns. As it is a large group we also ask ,but do not demand those of the mission group who feel they can afford it to donate $100 to $150 to cover petrol costs and our mission costs for that month  ( ie two families/bills) as we concentrate wholy on the tour outreach that month. If you cannot afford the $100 - $150 ,but feel led to come contact us anyway as we would not want to turn people away for money.


This time round we are carefully inviting those interested in joining us to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so that we can contact you to give you more information of dates etc of the next trips in 2013 etc and also to discuss with you the possibility of you coming. 


Click onTime Glass Bellow to see photos of the 2012 August Trip