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    Roy is a Missionary / Evangelist in South Africa . By God's Grace alone for over 16 years Roy has preached in varius churches, schools, orphanages, mission stations , family / youth camps, nursing homes, Bible Colleges and prisons across many countries. He also has witnessed on the street . Roy also has written various books such as "Forgiveness - Overcome the past to be Christlike in the present."  Jerusala is his wife and mother to little Glen Elias, Ruth Susanna with one more such blessing one the way. She has shared with young women on various topics yet focuses on her own children with most of speaking been done by Roy. They are utterly aware that without the cross they have no message and all glory for any changed lives is totally God's.

    What Topics does Roy Daniel speak on:

    By Grace Roy preaches on a wide variety of Bible topics. He loves to preach clear messages on Salvation (with many souls still standing for Christ who have been mercifully saved).

    He also preaches on topics such as :

    1) Encouragment,
    2) Soul Winning,
    3) Forgiveness,
    4) Foundations of Faith,
    5) Faith vs feelings,
    6) How to Discern False Prophets Biblically,
    7) How to grow spiritually,
    8) How to Study the Bible,
    9) Relationships,
    10) Revival,
    11) How to witness to Muslims, Hindus, Animists and much more.

    He humbly loves powerful exegetical preaching on Bible Chapters / Verses / Characters etc. He is against both extremes of legalism and liberality while attempting in simplicity to stick to the Bible in context. His sermons are filled with interesting gripping illustrations. He also has well researched seminars on topics such as soul winning, Encouragment discernment etc. Many find his sermons practical , easy to understand and Bible Based.  There are many people who have been saved and went on to the mission field as a result of God's mercy in using his preaching.

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In his new book, ‘Forgiveness,’ Brother Roy Daniel very effectively illustrates biblical teaching on the subject of forgiveness by sharing his own personal life experiences. It’s my prayer that God will use this small volume to help believers everywhere, as Brother Daniel states: ‘…to obey God and go one step further than choosing to forgive….choose to “bless our enemies.”’

Dr Wesley L. Duewel, President Emeritus One Mission Society