Prayer Requests

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  • Preaching

    Please pray earnestly for God to mercifully work through the ministry (He daily gives us) as

    Roy preaches at :

    1) churches,
    2) schools,
    3) prisons,
    4) nursing homes,
    5) in slums,
    6) on the streets

    on 4 different continentsl but mostly in Natal, South Africa (Area of +- 10 000 000 people). Please also pray for the thousands of tracts God allows us to hand out that God would convict and mercifully save souls to His glory alone.

  • Projects

    Pray for the various projects involving : 

    1) Radio Stations ,
    2) Websites with over 15000 free media files,
    3) Illustration newsletters to over 21 000 church email adresses ,
    4) Short witness videos,
    5) Books / tracts we write (some have been and others God willing will be published).

    Pray for the material submitted to South African Christian Television we record such as testimonies of salvation and the songs we write and record. Also pray for a project where we are co-ordinating the translating of over 100 Hymns to an African language similar to Dutch , but spoken by several millions here in South Africa


    Audio Sermon


    For more info on our ministry and project opportunities so you can better pray for us click on "Who are we".


  • Accommodation


    Our base for ministry from which we both do mission work, hold camps and travel from to preach etc is a camp ground which has two Missionary Evangelist couples on. We are one of them . The place is amazing, but has some geniune challenges such as electric leaks, leaking roof, severe fungus in bathroom system, and much of it is falling apart. To make it sustainable we have worked hard to upgrade the mission station / camp grounds called Pennington, but it has huge challenges including the restrictive laws in the area and funds for every step of upgrading. Costs are mostly greater than any side income from the property itself as long as it is run down. Our long term goal is to have regular orphan, school, family and childrens camps here. We have allot already that is done here, but so much more could be done as we improve and correct the neglected property including recording facilities for radio / tv and other Christian projects. Please pray earnestly in this regard !

  • Material Needs


    We are really grateful to God for His kind provision and have many great blessings including a reliable car and some equipment for ministry that is nothing other than a great answer to prayer. We do however like any missionary / Evangelist couple have monthly costs / needs such as food / electricty / petrol / Salary that come every month and sometimes it gets  hard in this regard. We are content with what God allows, but do ask your prayer in this regard as not only is it helpful to meet monthly costs, but beyond the basics - extra can go to Bibles / Tracts and projects such as printing a book for people to read in an African language. There are also many deeply challenging needs and sometimes crisises in the property we are staying on that can only take miracles of provision to fix one by one. Also often what keeps us back from preaching, ministering at more doors is simply travel costs. Please pray earnestly in this regard ! Further Details Contact : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


In his new book, ‘Forgiveness,’ Brother Roy Daniel very effectively illustrates biblical teaching on the subject of forgiveness by sharing his own personal life experiences. It’s my prayer that God will use this small volume to help believers everywhere, as Brother Daniel states: ‘…to obey God and go one step further than choosing to forgive….choose to “bless our enemies.”’

Dr Wesley L. Duewel, President Emeritus One Mission Society